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Anka Eğlence Sistemleri

        Our organization started as a business enterprise and two years later it has moved to the manufacturing industry.
He has designed "Olympic Trampoline and Junior Trampoline" Models by launching pioneering works in "Trampoline" sector, which is not known before. Our company has expanded its product range over the years and has been manufacturing about ten different products. Apart from that, it also sells imported products (coin-operated toys).

            While the production quality in all products that carry our company to European standards, to provide services to almost every corner of Turkey with the advanced service concept. Our company, which adopts the principle of renewal every day, continues its R & D activities uninterruptedly and extends its product portfolio by providing the equipments required by the age.

            In 2003, we have started manufacturing in a 150 square meter workplace and today we are continuing to manufacture in our factory which has 2600 square meters closed area and 2400 square meters open area.



           We invite our valued customers to our factory. You can test the products that you have already requested in a ready-made way, and you can have more insight into the idea products.

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